Full Version: E39 not starting
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Hello all,

I have a 520i (e39) and have a problem thats just occured.
I havnt used the car on the road for 6 months and would just start it once a week. A few days ago i cleaned it (and the engine bay) ready to use it again and now it has a fault.
The engine doesnt start but there is clicking coming from the engine on turning the key. I jump start it easy and it fires up first time but not on its own power.
I have charged the battery completely and got it running(by jump start), turned on lights, heater, stereo etc and the battery stays nicely on 13.8volts for half an hour. Turn the ignition off and just the clicking!!

Its to much of a coincidence for it to start doing it now so im thinking i must of got water in something. I sprayed all connections with WD40 but cant think where its got in.

I know.....stupid for getting water near the engine! :-(

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
either the alternator,starter, or battery...change all 3
It's a dead cell in the battery. I had exactly the same problem on my 1998 540. You can charge it and it will appear charged, but the dead cell just kills it. If you can start the car with a battery charger, then it isn't the starter and doubt it is the alternator. By the way, E39's don't like to sit without being started occasionally...because the oil in the lifters dries out and causes misfires in the cylinders. Hope this helps...let us know.
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